When you purchase any fonts from TypeDrift, you agree to the following:

1. GRANTING OF LICENSE. This license to use TD Fonts is not exclusive, and not transferable and the use of the Fonts are subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.


Use of TD Fonts is limited to 10 computers (or other devices capable of using font software) owned by the same entity, company or person. If you require installation on more than 10 computers an extended license is required. Contact TypeDrift for extended license details.

This license allows for use of the Fonts in the creation of art/design works, digitized images for use on the web and for personal use. If you design or for third party (clients), and you are considered the originator of the work, you may use TD Fonts in those creations with the understanding that the use by any third party is subject to the terms of this license, without distinction and as if those third parties are you.

You may use TD Fonts in multiple impressions, including print media, clothing, packaging, stickers, mouse pads or similar products. You may use TD Fonts to create a corporate or commercial logo and subsequent branding, but you may not include the font design or font software in any trademark or patent registration.

This license allows you to make a single back-up copy of TD Fonts. The sub-licensing, selling, leasing, renting or giving fonts to another person or company is prohibited.

Should you require the services of a third party (service bureau or printer) for the creation of proofs, film or pre-press production/ printing and share TD Fonts with that service bureau/ printer, they must delete TD Fonts from their machines upon project completion or they may purchase a license of their own.


Once purchased, the end user may re-download the font software from the TypeDrift website for a period of one-year at no additional charge. If you exceed the one-year term for re-download the font must be purchased again.


You may embed and/or include TD Fonts within a PDF, PowerPoint, Keynote or similar-type digital document provided that document is for personal use. When embedding, TD Fonts may not be embedded extracted and the digital document may not be sold, offered for sale or distributed commercially or for financial gain. TD Fonts may not be embedded in commercial products for sale, i.e. video games, or other software intended for commercial sale of any kind. Extended licenses are available should you wish to embed TD Fonts in a digital document or software that is intended for commercial sale. For extended license information contact TypeDrift




We worked very hard on TD Fonts, do not distribute, sell, modify, adapt, translate, re-engineer or reinterpret into other fonts or font formats. Adaptations of TD Fonts or the design embodied therein, require permission from TypeDrift. Better yet, if you require a custom application, or modification, contact us, we would be happy to help.


TD fonts are licensed, they are not sold and subject to the terms of this Agreement. All TD Fonts Software downloaded and installed, including any copies remain the property of TypeDrift.

Breaching the terms of this agreement will be considered grounds for termination of this License. Should your license be revoked or terminated you agree to return TD Fonts and warrant that no copies remain in any machine readable form in your possession.

For more information, visit our FAQ page